Hope in Source
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What are the parallels between faith and open source software? Join Nadia Eghbal and Henry Zhu for an off-the-cuff conversation between friends. Check out hopeinsource.com and nadiaeghbal.com/public-faith for the backstory

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    9: Liturgy

    How do our rituals shape us? We talk about where habits come from, why we use them, and whether they strengthen our belief systems.

    Show notes at https://hopeinsource.com/liturgy

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    6: Money

    How do communities handle money? We talk about money and centralization, tithing systems, how much funding is too much, and when to contribute money versus time.

    Show notes at https://hopeinsource.com/money

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    5: Evangelism

    How do we evangelize our ideas? We talk about evangelism in religion and tech, meeting people where they're at, living one's values in public, and maintaining humility in the face of conviction.

    Show notes at https://hopeinsource.com/evangelism

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    4: Holy Inefficiency

    Can everything that matters be measured? We talk about measuring the output and health of a community, competition between groups, growing a community without losing authenticity, and embracing "holy inefficiency".

    Show notes at http://hopeinsource.com/holy-inefficiency

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